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General Electric 24-Port Gigabit Fiber Copper PoE Managed Stackable Switch


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Product Highlights

  • 24-Port Switch

  • PoE Switch

  • 68 Gbps Non-blocking Switch Fabric

  • Up to 255 Multicasting Groups

  • Stackable Up to 16 Units

  • IEEE Compliant

General Electric 24-Port Gigabit Fiber Copper PoE Managed Stackable Switch

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The 24-Port Gigabit Fiber Copper PoE Managed Stackable Switch from General Electric is designed to cater extremely large amounts of data. It functions in a secure topology, linking to an enterprise backbone or high-capacity network server. The features of QoS and network security make this an effective solution for data traffic control for ISPs and enterprises, including VoIP, video streaming and multicast applications.

In addition, this switch is ideal for the core layer of campus, enterprise networks and the aggregation layer of IP metropolitan networks. Multicasting IGMP snooping and query assure effective band width utilization of larger video files. Designed for various networking applications, it has multiple ports with SFP fiber optical connective ability and robust layer 2 features.

The 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch provides 24 gigabit Ethernet ports with multiple shared gigabit SFP slots. Boasting high-performance architecture, the switch is capable of providing non-blocking switch fabric and wire-speed throughput as high as 68 Gbps. It simplifies LAN upgrades that can increase bandwidth demands.   

Gigabit Power Over Ethernet
The 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch optimizes the installation and power management of network devices such as 802.11n wireless access points with gigabit LAN port, VoIP phones and security video cameras. PoE capabilities also reduce installation costs for many new network productivity devices and free the wireless AP deployment from restrictions due to power outlet locations. Power and data switching are integrated into one unit and delivered over a single cable, eliminating costs for additional AC wiring and reducing installation time.
Fiber-Optical Long-Reach Networking
For large-scale network deployment applications, the 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch provides 24 100/1000 dual-speed SFP slots, eight shared gigabit TP ports and two dedicated high-speed HDMI-like interfaces for stacking with the series of switches. By applying the switch, up to 16 units and 384 fiber-optical ports can be managed by a stacking group. Through additional ports, functionality can be added as needed. The two built-in stacking ports provide 5 Gbps bandwidth and up to 20 Gbps bi-directional speed. These units can handle extremely large amounts of data and video in a secure topology linking for backbone or high-capacity network server. The stacking technology also enables the chassis-based switches to be integrated into the Gigabit PoE switch without the expensive up-front cost.
High-Reliability Stacking Management
The 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch applies the advantage of stackable technology to manage the stack group with one single IP address which helps network managers to easily manage a stack of switches instead of connecting and setting each unit one by one. Through its high bandwidth tunnel and stacking technology, this switch gives the enterprises, service providers and telecoms flexible control over port density, uplinks and switch stack performance. Stack redundancy of the switch ensures data integrity be retained even if one switch in the stack fails. You can even hotswap switches without disrupting the network, which greatly simplifies the tasks of upgrading the LAN for catering to increasing bandwidth demands.
Easy and Friendly Traffic Control
The 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch is loaded with powerful but easy traffic management and QoS features to enhance services offered by telecoms. The functionality includes QoS features such as wirespeed layer 4 traffic classifiers and bandwidth limiting that is particularly useful for multi-tenant unit, multi-business unit, telco or network service provider applications, such as VoIP, video streaming and multicast applications. The embedded handy QoS configuration wizard helps you set up typical network application rules easily and quickly via web interface. The 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch also empowers the enterprises or campus to take full advantages of the limited network resources and guarantees the best performance in voice and video conferencing transmission.
Robust Layer 2 Features
The 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch can be programmed for advanced switch management functions such as dynamic port link aggregation, Q-in-Q VLAN, private VLAN, Rapid Spanning Tree protocol, Layer 2 to Layer 4 QoS, bandwidth control and IGMP Snooping. It provides 802.1Q Tagged VLAN and the VLAN groups allowed will be maximally up to 255. Via aggregation of supporting ports, the 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch allows the operation of a high-speed trunk combining multiple ports. It enables a maximum of 12 groups of 16 ports for port link aggregation and supports fail-over as well.
Efficient Management
For efficient management, the 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch is equipped with console, WEB and SNMP management interfaces. With the built-in web-based management interface, the 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch offers an easy-to-use, platform-independent management and configuration facility. It supports standard Simple Network Management Protocol and can be managed via any standard-based management software. For text-based management, this switch can be accessed via telnet and the console port. Moreover, the 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch offers secure remote management by supporting SNMPv3 connection which encrypts the packet content at each session.
Cable Diagnostics
The 24-Port Gigabit PoE switch's web browser interface provides more than just set up operations. PoE and cable diagnostics monitor each port providing immediate notification of problem areas. Ethernet connections, PoE utilization, power consumption, available power and even cable connections right down to the wire pair save your valuable time and expense in troubleshooting system problems.
PoE Power That is Never Shared
For GE's PoE versions power is never shared. Full 802.3af power is applied to each assigned port. This assures continuous operation for video cameras and other products that require full power.

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